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Mita-Clear is a lotion for killing ear mites in dogs and cats available in a handy dispensing bottle. Kills both adult and larval stages of ear mites. Mita-Clear is best used after cleaning the ear (1-800-PetMeds Ear Cleansing Solution, sold separately, is a good choice for cleaning.)

Mita-Clear 10mg

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Mita-Clear 10mg x 12 $417.13 (you save $260.87,
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Product description
What is Mita-Clear? Mita-Clear is a lotion used in dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, to kill ear mites. It is highly recommended that Mita-Clear is used after cleansing the ear with a cleansing solution such as 1-800-PetMeds Ear Cleansing Solution. For: Cats and Dogs (12 weeks of age and older) Benefits: Available as a handy dispensing bottle Kills both adult and larval stages of ear mites How it works: Mita-Clear is a combination of Pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide, two potent parasiticides. Mita-Clear offers faster kill and acts in the ear as an insect repellant. Cautions: Avoid eye contact. If sensitivity occurs, contact your veterinarian. More Information: Brand Name Mita-Clear (Pfizer Animal Health) Active Ingredient(s): Pyrethrins 0.15%, Piperonyl butoxide, technical 1.50%, N-octyl bicycloheptane dicaroximide 0.50%, Di-n-propyl isocinhomeronate 1.00% What is this product used for: Mita-Clear is a parasiticide lotion used in the ears of dogs and cats, as well as puppies and kittens 12 weeks of age or older, to kill ear mites. Availability: Mita-Clear is a non-prescription (OTC) product. How this product should be used: Read the entire label before use. Clean the ear with an ear cleansing solution then place a sufficient amount of Mita-Clear into each ear to thoroughly coat the surface of the ear canal. Gently massage the base of the ear. Leave the lotion in the ear for a few minutes then wipe the excess lotion from the ear with cotton. The lotion should be applied once and repeated once again in 7 days. What are the side effects: Sensitivities may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, consult a veterinarian immediately. What special precautions are there: Do not use on dogs and cats under 12 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, medicated, pregnant or nursing animals. Human caution- harmful if swallowed. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Wash hands with soap and water after using. Avoid contact with animal's eyes. Do not reuse the empty container. Rinse the container thoroughly and wrap container in several layers of newspaper and discard in the trash. This product is toxic to fish. Do not add directly to water. In the event of overdose: Contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency room. How should I store this product: Store this product in a cool, dry area away from heat and open flame. Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal. Do not transfer contents of this container to other containers. Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets. Directions: Mita-Clear is a lotion used for killing ear mites in dogs and cats. Use 1-800-PetMeds Ear Cleansing Solution to clean the ear before using Mita-Clear. Tip: Wash your hands with soap and water after using Mita-Clear in your pets ear. Storage: Store this product in a cool, dry area away from heat and open flame.
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